November 10, 2022



If you feel like you’ve been misunderstood by your nearest and dearest and even those in your wider friend circle recently, you’ll be able to smooth things in the beginning of the week. Getting clear on what you want and what you want to express to those around you will be integral to getting in sync. Later, if there’s a daunting project you’ve wanted to start, or you’d like to take your fitness routine to the next level, you’ll have extra gung-ho energy to see it through. 




You might have had to deal with delays around new investments and making progress with potential job opportunities, but you’ll finally get the green light to move forward in this department at the start of the week. Your job now is to figure out what projects are worthy of your attention and energy and which might feel like a wrong fit now and in the future. Later, the cosmos serves up extra energy to get ahead on spiritual pursuits. Spending solo time reflecting on what you want and where you go from here can actually be more productive than it sounds. 




If you’ve been spending the past few weeks reflecting on your personal brand and how you want to be perceived out in the world but holding back on taking concrete action, you can put your most creative, lucrative ideas to work for yourself in the beginning of the week. You may realize that the more you practice self-love, the better the results. Later, you’ll get a burst of can-do energy that can be applied to group efforts and team projects. If it has previously felt like a slog to actually get coworkers or friends to hop talk, you’ll be able to gain momentum now. 




You’ve likely felt caught up in your fantasies and emotions for the past several weeks, but as this week starts, you could feel more at peace with this dreamy moment. Perhaps you’ll have established a process for meditating on your deepest desires that truly serves you. Just know that you’re still laying the groundwork for what’s to come, and for now you’re exactly where you need to be. Later, your career efforts could get a boost. You’ll have more energy to step up to the plate and show higher-ups what you’ve got.




If you’ve been wanting to better wrap your head around what’s really going on in your deepest relationships, you’ll be able to take off the rose-colored glasses and see more clearly at the start of the week. This reality check can make it easier to decide what the future holds for you both, whether that’s related to strengthening your romantic connection or making business moves together in order to achieve a shared financial goal. Later, you’ll also enjoy more clarity within your platonic and collegial bonds. You’ll have a greater sense of the people and the group projects you want to devote energy to.




When the week starts, you’ll be able to see the forest for the trees when it comes to your closest one-on-one bonds. For instance, if a romantic relationship is lacking reciprocity, or you could stand to imbue your business partnership with more balance, this moment will open your eyes to that reality. Later, you’ll enjoy a burst of sexy energy and be better able to make your desires known, then actually take steps to turn fantasies into reality. Identifying and owning your physical and emotional needs can feel transformative.




At the start of the week, you might have felt a bit blue about having to hit pause on dreaming big and making future, horizon-broadening plans. Thankfully, you’ll have a couple weeks to dive into those waters once more. Self-assuredness and specificity can set you on a promising path. Later, if you’ve been wanting to tackle a major undertaking with your significant other, a dear friend, or close colleague, you’ll get a blast of take-charge energy to apply to one-on-one efforts now. The cosmos can also amp up the likelihood that you’ll clash with those close connections, but leaning in to your natural diplomatic ways can make for smoother sailing.




In the beginning of the week, you’ll be able to gain more clarity around creative and relationship pursuits. A more objective perspective can allow you to get a better grasp on how to make the most of your artistic, loving energy. Later, you might feel more determined and focused on hitting your fitness and healthy eating goals. There is a tendency to want to dive in without doing too much information gathering or to expect results to transpire in a flash, but you’ll do best to harness the power of the cosmos to build steady momentum. And be patient and compassionate with yourself along the way.




As the week starts, you’ll be able to reconnect with a significant other, dear friend, or close colleague who you might have been struggling to get in sync with lately. Taking any realizations you’ve learned about your bond into consideration can make for even more harmony. Later, you can look forward to having more energy for everything from spontaneous date nights to creative projects. It’s like your playful inner child is getting a chance to dance and sing in a brightly blazing spotlight! Whether you’re entertaining others or flirting up a storm with a love interest, you’ll want to prioritize whatever activities bring you the most pleasure and joy now. 




If you’ve been wanting to meet up with a colleague to discuss a major project or run a proposal by higher-ups, the energy is ripe for a positive result as the week begins. Being sure to not only talk about the facts at hand but also share how you feel about them can help you make a lasting impression. Later, the cosmos cranks up your desire to redecorate and make plans with loved ones. Just watch out for the tendency to butt heads with relatives. Blow off steam by channeling any fiery, aggressive energy into ambitious projects around the house.




Lately, you've felt like you’re moving through molasses while trying to set up or enjoy pleasurable activities, especially with your significant other or someone special. But in the beginning of the week, the cosmos makes it easier to express what’s in your heart and embrace lighthearted, loving moments with your nearest and dearest. Later, you’ll do well to dive in to a project that brings together your willingness to expand your mind and artistic impulses. Think checking out a museum exhibit or experimenting with your wardrobe while learning about the latest fashion trends abroad.




A little bit of illusion and escapism can make for creative magic, but there’s a time and place for rational thinking as well, and that’s exactly the message you’ll be getting at the start of the week. The way you truly want to present yourself to the world comes into focus during this time, and you can use that realization to sharpen and perfect your image. Later, you’ll get a burst of energy to apply toward new moneymaking opportunities. A bold, passionate approach can elevate your magnetism and appeal to potential collaborators. It all starts with believing in yourself and adhering to a step-by-step action plan.


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