November 10, 2022

By Amanda Scurlock

Sports Editor


Carter Morgan enjoys sprinting and has the skills to compete in elite track meets.  Over the summer, he was a contender in the 7-8 100m and 200m events and he also competed in the javelin throw.

Morgan is a member of the Elite Diamonds track club, he noted how the club gave him the skills to excel.

“If I make a mistake, they helped me out,” Morgan said. "I’m glad that I have a track club to work with … my coach taught me how to run properly.”

A valuable lesson Morgan learned is to run on his toes, which helped him run faster. When he competed in the California State games in July, Morgan made a personal record in the 100m with a 14.45-second time and in the 200m with a 31.25-second time. His PR in the 200m put him in second place.

During that track meet, Carter also competed in the Javelin.

“It was a bit complicated at first,” he said about learning the technique of throwing the javelin. “There’s actually a few ways to hold the javelin.”

During the California State Games, Morgan made a personal record of 57’11 and came in fourth place in the event.

Along with competing on the track, Morgan works hard on his academics. His favorite subjects are math, social studies, spelling, and reading. Over the summer, he worked on a book report on his favorite book “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Roald Dahl. The eight-year-old Morgan typed his report on his own. He noted how typing makes him feel like an adult.

“I’m learning a lot of stuff, I got through a lot of stuff,” Morgan said. “Now I know more so now I’m kind of glad that I have homework.”


Morgan also competes in flag football and golf. Outside of academics and athletics, Morgan enjoys singing, dancing, and acting.

“I’ve been on a movie called “The Long Weekend,”” he said. “I’ve been on a few commercials, a Ball Park Franks commercial, Mcdonald’s commercial.”

While Morgan experienced success in track and field, he also endured challenges. He recalled a time when he came in last during a race.

“On the next practice, I was trying hard to get better,” Morgan said. "I started overcoming it and I got way faster.”

Morgan desires to become an Olympian when he gets older. The athletes that he looks up to are Sha’Carri Richardson, Usain Bolt, and Michael Jordan.

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