The 2022 Midterm Elections were a center of Black Girl Magic, showcasing a number of powerful, brilliant, and shining Black women dedicated to being active leaders in their communities on every level.


Black women’s difficulty in politics is not new news. We have spent centuries playing an active role in the struggle for suffrage, often excluded from getting a seat with ‘big dogs’ at the political table, since the beginning of time.




We were forced to march separately from White women in suffrage parades, and our opinions and rights were ignored in passing the Fifteenth and Nineteenth Amendments, even though Black women played key roles in getting them passed.





In the 2020 Presidential Elections, Black women saw the scrutiny that Vice President Kamala Harris faced in her election, and more recently, the pointless victim blaming that Congresswoman Karen Bass faced when strangers went into HER home and took HER personal valuables.



And even with this, Black women have refused to stop their fight.


From politics to entertainment and beyond, Black women are refusing to go unseen and voiceless in a world that’s tried to shut us out again and again and again, but can’t.


The 2022 Midterm Elections were a prime example of this, especially in California.


Black women are making their mark, running for leadership positions to better their cities and communities, not just for themselves, but for everyone around them.




In their campaigns, each woman’s efforts provided a comfort and inspiration where Black women could see themselves, as well as the future of not just the state, but the entire Country.


Some Black women and girls took some time to speak with the L.A. Watts Times about their feelings in regard to so many Black women running in the 2022 Elections.


“There is a visible change happening,” stated Destiny, “…seen within the midterm elections.


It is inspiring and a new mark in history to see so many women of color, with merit and quality, representing in local government.”

Camille shared with a big smile, “I feel such excitement and pride when I see so many dynamic Black women running for office and leadership roles.”


“Black women are always at the forefront of change and unafraid to take action,” reflected Alex S.


“It’s phenomenal to see so many Black women at once get involved in politics at a high level. Political engagement and representation matters. I think seeing all these women run has been really inspiring and provides a sense of hope for what the future might look like.”


“I feel great! It’s time for a change,” shared Kaelin.


Jelani said, “I think it’s amazing, considering where we started. It’s also very inspiring to our young Black girls.”


Tamela M. rejoiced, “This is the most proud I’ve been to a Black woman in my whole life. Just see how much we accomplish when we support each other!”


As Black women, we are now getting the privilege of seeing ourselves at the table, but we’re also noticing how the table looks better.

And that’s because the women we’re seeing in these positions are doing it for the right reasons.

They’re doing it with the same strength and support Black women have had from the beginning of time.

Now, they’re just demanding they be heard, too.

Congratulations to the following Black women who worked endlessly in their campaigns to better this state and the people in it.

Your representation is an inspiration. We’re watching and we see you!

Karen Bass

Shirley Weber

Malia Cohen

Tina McKinnor

Lola Smallwood-Cuevas

Maxine Waters

Sydney Kamlager-Dove

Heather Hutt

Patricia Marshall-McKenzie

Michelle Richardson Bailey

Holly Hancock

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