December 01, 2022

By Amanda Scurlock

Sports Editor


Ready Life was created to provide financial tools to people to start generational wealth. The app allows its users to get a mortgage by showing a history of their paid bills instead of using a credit score. 

Former White House Policy Advisor Ashley Bell founded Ready Life with Dr. Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.

“I think that this is just another opportunity for her to continue not only her father’s legacy, but her mother’s,” Bell said. “The work that she has done and her father and family have done for racial justice needs to be complemented with economic justice.”

In September, NFL chief diversity and inclusion officer Jonathan Beane joined Ready Life as an advisory council member. He mentioned that Ready Life is a “game changer.”

“I’m honored to join the Ready Life advisory council,” Beane said. “Ready Life is working to level the playing field for families across America who deserve an opportunity to own a home based on their ability to pay.”

Bell noted that Beane has been an advocate for equality and justice.

“His role with the National Football League has really accelerated the NFL’s march toward really deepening its commitment to underserved communities,” Bell said. “Having [Beane] on our advisory board … we think shares a message that those people that work in industries that make money off the talents of Black and Brown bodies accept the increased burden that comes with that.”

Florida A&M University (FAMU) linebacker Isaiah Land signed a NIL deal with Ready Life. FAMU battled against Jackson State University for the Orange Blossom Classic. Ready Life was the presenting sponsor of the game; the company reached out to Land’s NIL agent. In the game, Land made 1.0 sacks for 13 yards.

Being able to meet King and Bell has been a highlight for the 2021 Buchanan Award winner. He noted how he learned a lot from them both through the experience.

“Once I saw what Ready Life stood for, I knew that I wanted to help get the word out, especially to the Black community,” Land said.


“As a teenager, seeing my mom work hard and finish college then purchase a house taught me that it’s important to set financial goals.”

With Ready Life, users can pay bills through their app and system. People who sign up will get a debit card.

The educational component will teach users what it means to be a homeowner. It is also encouraged that users pay their rent through the Ready Life system.

“Once they have a history of on-time rental payments, we take whatever the amount you’re paying in rent and turn that into a mortgage payment,” Bell said.

“We think there’s so many positive impacts that happen for people who get an opportunity to own a home that we’ll think will have a very disruptive impact.”

The NIL deal with Land can bring awareness of homeownership to people who are preparing to get into the workforce so they could possibly qualify for a mortgage before they reach their forties.

“Banking with us for six to nine months, showing that you’ve been paying your rent on time could qualify you for a home in your mid-20s, not your mid-to-late 40s,” Bell said. “That 20-year difference is a massive amount of wealth that we can create in our community.”

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