January 12, 2023



You could very well find yourself swimming in your deepest feelings, and your imagination and appetite to dig deep psychologically will be amplified in a major way in the beginning of the weke. This moment calls for you to allow yourself a time-out from the daily grind to get in touch with your heart’s desires and deep-rooted emotional needs. Later, you’ll get the green light to steel yourself, speak up, and share thoughts and wants with your sweetheart, potential partner, dear friend, or close colleague. This can have a bond-bolstering effect. 




Feeling like you’re part of something bigger than yourself will be the key to feeling emotionally centered and productive as the week gets underway. You’ll do well brainstorm alongside friends, neighbors, or colleagues. That “out there” idea might not be as crazy as you initially thought, and laying the groundwork to make it real could prove truly satisfying. Later, the cosmos boosts your resolve to dig up information on a new daily ritual that can improve your health. Simple stretching or breathing exercises might prove beneficial. And don’t discount the value of trading notes with experts, friends, or loved ones. 




Don’t be surprised if you’re tapped to step into the spotlight by higher-ups as the week starts. Whether you’re taking the reins on a major project, leading the charge on a brainstorm, or taking on more responsibility, this could be a moment that sets you up for the kind of professional advancement you’ve been craving. Later, the cosmos brings a fun, playful vibe to the way you connect with others. This period could be particularly useful for researching or diving into a creative endeavor or lighthearted, flirty affair. Tap in to your artistic impulses and you’re sure to shine. 




If you’ve been feeling like you’re grappling with a case of cabin fever, given current circumstances, chances are you might be itching to get out of your comfort zone as the week starts. Even if you opt to stay home, you might enjoy planning a future trip, diving into an exciting new book, cooking an exotic new recipe, or watching eye-opening films, any of which could prove fulfilling learning experiences and boost your personal growth. Later, be sure to watch out for feelings of loneliness and a need to carve out space to care for yourself. 




You’ll be meditating on the give and take of your most intimate relationships when the week starts. Trusting your heart now can offer valuable insight moving forward. Later, you’ll enjoy a burst of beauty-loving energy and radiance that has you glowing from the inside out. You’re ready to step into the spotlight more than usual and come off as especially alluring and attractive to your significant other or potential partners. This energy could also be tapped to get more in tune with your artistic impulses and dive into a passion project that requires a creative eye. 




Your desire to connect with your current partner or a potential lover is magnified as the week begins. Opportunities to embrace romantic escapism (think playing hooky to go to the beach) might arise more than usual, allowing you to take a well deserved time-out from facts and cold, hard reality. Later, you could be more motivated to research new ways to boost your cash flow or ingenious tactics for growing your financial portfolio. Getting into the weeds through your own independent investigation will be beneficial, but don’t underestimate the power of connecting with experts and friends on the topic as well. 




You’ll get a burst of cerebral energy that is perfect for diving into research and socializing with friends, colleagues, and loved ones when the week starts. If you’ve been missing your colleagues or tight-knit circle of dear friends, setting up a happy hour might be a sweet way to make the most of the communicative energy. You’ll also do well to gather more info on the strategies for hitting your personal goals. Later, you’ll have an even easier time than usual connecting with others in order to collaborate and execute team projects.




Feeling like you’ve been putting your own joy, play, and creativity on the back burner in order to tend to the monotonous to-dos of everyday life could be getting to you in the beginning of the week. You’ll want to hit pause on professional projects in order to take care of yourself in a gentle, compassionate way. Spending time just seeing where the moment takes you, especially with a significant other, potential partner, or close friend, could prove pleasurable and emotionally gratifying. Later, the cosmos bumps up your charm factor with higher-ups, aiding you in any crucial conversations or formal negotiations.  




You could feel compelled to talk about a tough emotional issue with a loved one at the start of the week. Getting in the weeds of your feelings together can ultimately help you heal and move forward. Later, you’ll be even more apt to trade notes with colleagues on your biggest, most exciting pitches. The communicative, collaborative vibe can make it even easier to land on brilliant game plans and execute them in a group setting. And if you’ve been wanting to put your time and energy toward making a difference in a more universal way, you’ll get the green light to connect with like-minded people and get organized now. 




You might be feeling restless, stretched too thin, and in need a major time-out from the daily grind as the week starts. Finding a quiet moment to journal or let your mind wander can help you zero in on solutions for infusing your day-to-day with more balance. This can benefit your mind, body, and soul. Later, the cosmos amplifies your desire to connect with someone special, ideally in a deep, meaningful way physically and spiritually. Being open about what’s in your heart and taking the risk that you’ll be vulnerable can feel empowering.




As the week starts, you might find yourself feeling torn between keeping your head down and sticking with the status quo on the job or feeling like you want to try something different that better aligns with your values and long-term goals. Allow yourself to explore what your intuition is telling you, take notes, and you’ll soon know how to proceed. Later, quiet time spent tending to existing to-dos can help you feel more centered. If you desire to spend more quality time with someone special, making time for one-on-one activities can feel truly satisfying.




When the week gets underway, you might be feeling like you’ve been putting others’ well-being ahead of your own recently, and your own self-care has landed on the back burner. No doubt you’ll be frustrated and in your feelings as a result, so this is the time to carve out space to enjoy activities that feel rejuvenating and lift your spirits. You’ll be feeling more centered soon. Later, the cosmos sets the stage for you to share even more special moments with friends, colleagues, or loved ones on an everyday basis. You’ll be able to work together on crossing to-dos off your list or thinking of new ways to boost your work/life balance. 

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