January 19, 2023



You might be frustrated if it feels like creating solid momentum on your personal goals is more like walking through thick mud than sprinting ahead at the beginning of the week. When it feels like the roadblocks just keep piling up, see this as an opportunity to reflect, revise, and slow down in order to perfect your game plan. You might also take heart in the fact that you're not alone! Later, you’ll see more visible expansion in terms of your professional path thanks to the cosmos. You might find that any plays for more recognition from higher-ups might begin to pay off now. 




You might feel a bit lost if your current big ideas and dreams begin to feel unrealistic or as though they aren’t set up to come to fruition in the way you had hoped at the start of the week. You might do best to hit pause on definitive game plans and see where the moment takes you. Taking a more hands-off, organic approach to achieving your deepest-rooted aspirations serves you best right now. Later, the cosmos fires up your confidence, especially around relationships, fun, creativity, and making future plans to get out of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons. Channel this enthusiasm into whatever personal endeavor you’re most invested in.




When the week starts, it might be difficult to get ahead on group projects. This challenging moment might lead you to believe that your colleagues and friends are at fault for the snail’s pace, but the fact of the matter is that everyone is being urged to take more time and ensure that the actions they’re taking are thoughtful and deliberate as opposed to hair-trigger. Recognizing this can help everyone get on the same page. Later, the cosmos helps to magnify your deepest relationships in a more external, visible way. 




In the beginning of the week, you might feel like it’s a downright slog to get ahead on the job, get recognized by higher-ups, or see forward movement related to looking for new opportunities. This could prove frustrating, to be sure, but doing your best to avoid getting extra competitive can help, as can using this slower time to brush up your resume or hone a new skill set that will help you get even more noticed in the long run. Later, the cosmos gives you the green light to create real, tangible results on one-on-one goals. 




If you’ve been hoping to travel or sign up for an online course in order to make progress in some way professionally or personally—or both!—you might find it tough to move forward at the start of the week. Your best bet is to use this time to soak up knowledge and potentially revise, or at least perfect, your game plan so that when you do finally get a clear runway, you’ll have no trouble taking off and knowing exactly where you’re headed. Later, you can enjoy more work and wellness opportunities. 




Watch out for confusion and misunderstandings, especially within your closest one-on-one relationships (think a partner, dear friend, loved one, or close colleague) when the week gets underway. Feeling like it’s nearly impossible to get a handle on all the facts right now can create insecurity and affect your morale. Just know that this moment will pass, and you’ll soon have the info you need to move forward. Later, you can look forward to enjoying the organically flowing flirtation and pleasurable moments that you’ve been dreaming of.




It might feel as though it’s challenging to get ahead on goals you’ve been working toward with your significant other, close friend, or business partner at the start of the week. It’s almost like no matter what you do, you’ll struggle to get on the same page in terms of a game plan, and at times it could feel like you’re actually stepping on one another’s toes or getting in one another’s way. Do your best to see this as a time to slow down and make sure that the goals you’ve set are exactly what you want to work toward as a team. Later, the cosmos makes it easy to enthusiastically express deep-rooted needs to loved ones. 




You might find it challenging to create momentum with your fitness or general health plan at the start of the week. Pushing too hard right now could only serve to set you up for more aggravation, so you might do best to take a pause and recall the pragmatic measures that have worked best for you in the past. Simple moves like drinking enough water and taking daily walks can go far to keeping you firing on all cylinders. Later, the cosmos causes lines to cross with colleagues and/or your significant other. Breathe deep and trust that clarity is around the bend. 




You’ll be feeling psyched and self-assured when it comes to pursuing a major professional goal when the week starts. Taking your big ideas to higher-ups could not only feel empowering right now but also help you lay the groundwork for some well-deserved rewards. Later, the cosmos slows down your efforts related to art, pleasure, and fun-loving relationships. Still, this can be a beneficial time for you to go back to the drawing board on a creative passion project. You might also do well to approach loving relationships with a mellow, go-with-the-flow vibe. 




Simmering conflicts with loved ones over old emotional wounds and a lack of progress on projects around the house could feel stressful in the beginning of the week. You’ll do well to reprioritize and, within your intimate relationships, keep hashing it out until you see eye to eye (or as close to it as possible). Later, you might also begin to see real results as a result of those exciting, big picture dreams you’ve had floating around in the back of your head. Don’t hold back from pursuing any passion project that simply feels right. You have what it takes to turn it into a concrete, rewarding reality.




Keeping social plans or seeing a brainstorm through to an actionable plan might prove challenging at the start of the week. While it might not suit your M.O., finding a way to embrace and adapt to this less predictable vibe can help you maintain productivity. Later, finding a way to get on the same page as a loved one, especially when it comes to money, could feel particularly challenging. The issue is that facts are evasive and confusion is running rampant. For those reasons, you might do well to wait until the dust settles before plowing forward. 




Making major strides on moneymaking endeavors might feel challenging at the beginning of the week. Instead of pushing forward on projects that don’t resonate, try to preserve your energy and narrow your focus on plans that you truly feel passionate about. This could ultimately help you to streamline and get ahead on professional goals. Later, you might feel like it’s tough to get on the same page as your significant other, colleague, or a dear friend. This could cause you to feel nervous about what the future holds, but you’ll do best to stay in the present and stick with what you know.

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