January 26, 2023



As the week begins, you could be inspired to dive deeper into a research project or game plan for advancing your professional path. Either way, you’ll feel empowered to find time in your day to take steps that could lead to real evolution, change, and fulfillment. Later, it's a beautiful time to key in to a self-care goal. Creating a step-by-step action plan can pave the way for concrete results. Also, patience and diplomacy can preempt conflict with a partner.  




If you’ve been craving sweet, joyful, spontaneous fun with loved ones and opportunities for self-expression, you’ll get a green light to put work on the back burner in pursuit of pleasure and creativity at the start of the week. Finding ways to shake up your routine and broaden your horizons could actually bring you a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. Later, you might be stressed out if you feel like you’ve been repressing deep-rooted desires for too long. It could be time to speak your truth.  




You could find yourself craving a deep, meaningful experience with loved ones as the week gets underway. Doing some soul searching and opening up about what’s really on your mind and in your heart can help you connect with your nearest and dearest on a whole new level. It could feel transformative personally and for your bond. Later, the cosmos boosts your optimism about the future of your relationship with a significant other or potential partner. Just be sure to take a look at the facts as much as you are your feelings. 




Your to-do list might feel extra long but also enlivening at the start of the week. This can be an exciting time to make new connections, strike up interesting conversations, or brainstorm thrilling big-picture proposals with colleagues. Lean in to the frenetic, cerebral vibe of the moment and you’ll thrive, setting the stage for intellectual gratification down the road. Later, you might feel torn between your work and professional responsibilities, and this could set up feelings of aggravation or even anger. See if you can parlay these fiery feelings into your work or favorite fitness routine and you’ll feel more centered. 




You might want to strike out on your own—and against the wishes of higher-ups or colleagues—as the week starts. Just make sure you think about the consequences before diving in. Later, it’s a brilliant, beautiful time to get clear on your long-term financial goals and come up with a step-by-step action plan that will support your professional path and help you bring home well-deserved rewards. The more diligent and consistent you can be when keeping with this plan, the greater the rewards, not to mention transformation.




In the beginning of the week, you enjoy the opportunity to get clear on personal intentions and get the ball rolling on making them real. Finding your voice and owning your right to pleasure, fun, and joy will be integral to seeing results. Later, you might be inclined to think you can take on more work—be it professional or personal—than what’s truly realistic. Make sure to take a step back to assess before saying yes.  




Taking a time-out from the daily grind to tune in to your heart and pay attention to your dreams might feel like a must as the week starts. Journaling or talking through what you find with a therapist or dear friend could prove enlightening and help you lay the groundwork for more emotional fulfillment down the road. This is a sweet time for planting seeds! Later, the cosmos sets a moody tone that could make you more likely to snap at your significant other, dear friend, or colleague. This could stem from feeling more interested in plowing ahead than working through a tough emotional issue, but taking a step back to care for your relationship could help you be even more productive in the long run. 




You might feel like rebelling against your current situation on the job or in a close one-on-one relationship early in the week. Just be sure you’ve thought it through before making a potentially gasp-worthy plunge. Later, it’s a fruitful time to initiate a team effort. Working with others not only feels fulfilling but is supported by the cosmos. Send out those emails, set up those meetings and brainstorms, and plan online meetings galore. Your hard work could lead to an exciting group win.




As the week starts, you’ll be fired up to make moves on the job (think calling a meeting with higher-ups or researching a new position), not just for short-term aims but with your big-picture goals in mind. Though you might be more enthusiastic and self-assured than usual right now, taking it one step at a time can keep you grounded and set for steady achievement. Later, the cosmos urges you to get clear on what you truly want to accomplish professionally in the long run. Don’t shy away from doing an honest gut check, which can serve to inform your actions moving forward.




You’ll be itching to break free of your usual routine and have an experience that's different, unique, and supportive of your personal growth when the week starts. Consider new ways to soak up knowledge, be it through online classes, meditation apps, or road trips. Whatever feels right is sure to be the best, most fulfilling way forward. Later, the cosmos boosts feelings of optimism, so much so that you could commit to taking on more responsibility than is realistic. Leading with a pragmatic view now preempts stress. 




Connecting on a deeper level within your closest relationship can feel especially appealing and exciting in the beginning of the week. Take time to think about what you really want out of this bond, then feel free to speak from the heart. This could bring you even closer. Later, you’ll be getting clear on the reciprocity that exists and that you want out of your nearest and dearest relationships. If it feels like you’re giving more than you take, or vice versa, it might be time to rethink your approach and have a heart-to-heart talk that sets a healing, emotionally satisfying tone. 




Whether you’ve been dreaming of a new adventure with your sweetheart or wanting to open yourself up to meeting someone special, you’ll have a lovely opportunity to key in on your vision as the week begins. Thanks to the cosmos, support from friends can make it even easier to turn your hopes into a reality. Later, you will do well to tread lightly when it comes to money issues, because a conflict around finances could be easily blown out of proportion.  

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