March 23, 2023



You have an opportunity for a new beginning. The sun in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn and your house of career. Aries, you might be trying to finish something and get it off of your desk. Or perhaps you’re past a deadline and your extension is quickly disappearing. It’s time for your Hail Mary pass. Look at what you can eliminate and still deliver a great product.Now you’re ready to take the helm. This is a good time to start something new. This could be a new project, new job, or new relationship. As you look through your list of things to do, it’s likely you’ll fixate on things that can be done quickly, but you have the power today to achieve an important milestone. Right now, you have enough fire under your feet to do something audacious.




This week, you have the means to accomplish your goal.  Pluto in Capricorn and your house of education and testing. Taurus, it’s possible you’re taking a test either for school or a professional license. You could be taking a driver’s test. Maybe you’re finishing up a home study course and taking the quiz to get the certificate. This is likely the last step in a long series of things you’ve done. And soon you can mark it “complete.” A new project on your desk is very similar to one you just finished. Today, your past could return to you.




You could be in line for extra perks. It’s possible that you’re looking at your company 401(k) or acquiring some stock options. Your company might offer additional perks you aren’t aware of. If you own a business, you could be starting a retirement plan or giving benefits to employees. Gemini, there is an opportunity to plan for the future now.Gemini, it’s possible you’re celebrating a recent milestone and having such a good time that you want to do this on a regular basis. This is something you’ll need to put into your schedule if you want to make it happen.




Help is on the way.  Someone knowledgeable steps up to help you. This might be a mentor or teacher who is ready to take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step through what you need to do. Cancer, this might be related to your job, but it could also have something to do with a hobby or complex financial transaction. And now you get the help you’ve been looking for. The new moon conjoins the sun in Aries and your house of career. If you’re still at your current company, you might have a new supervisor. Cancer, if you own a business, consider launching a new product today.




You’re finding better ways of doing things. You could figure out a productivity hack that saves you hours each week. Leo, this could lead you to even more time-saving routines. Soon you’ll be more productive and able to block out more time for leisure and fun. Keep your eyes open for better ways to do things. You can find discounts on planes, trains, and cruises. Leo, you might also be making travel arrangements for someone else, helping a child get home from school, or giving your frequent flyer miles to a relative so they can take a trip to Europe.




New resources become available.  Virgo, you could be extremely attracted to someone you just met. Or, if you’re dating, you might take the relationship to a more intimate level. This is a time when your libido is active and power of attraction is strong. The pheromones you’re giving off could attract a person who is both interesting and interested.Virgo, you could look at resources in a different way. In the past, you might have come from a place of scarcity. But now you’re considering how many resources you truly have, including relatives, friends, and the Internet. You are creative, innovative, and downright audacious.




One small change could have a big impact.  New information could be life changing when you apply it to your daily routine. Libra, this could be something you’re eliminating from your diet or lifestyle that brings you more energy but also emotionally frees you of something. A small change or new habit could have a big impact.Over the next few weeks you might have a great relationship opportunity. Libra, this could be for a romantic connection or someone who becomes a best friend. Look for opportunities to reconnect with someone you’ve lost touch with or to meet new people. And when you find someone you’re interested in, make the first move.




Something new has all your attention. Scorpio, you could be obsessed with a new hobby. It’s possible you’re doing puzzles or immersed in a video game. You could be designing something with pen and paper or a complex program like Blender. No matter what you’re doing right now, it’s difficult for you to think about anything else.You could be doing something new at your job. You might be working with people in a new location. If you started fairly recently, you could be given more duties or additional responsibilities. This is a good time to start a new project for your own business or begin a side hustle.




Home is your sanctuary. You can find some peace and contentment at home. A renovation project could be completed. Sagittarius, you might have recently decluttered and now you’re enjoying the extra space. Even though you love to travel, you also like to be at home. You might now recognize just how much your home gives you.You could have a new romantic adventure. This might not be something you planned for, but suddenly you find yourself very interested in someone who’s interested in you. If you’re already in a love relationship, you might want to institute a weekly date night, starting today. Sagittarius, this could put some fire in your relationship.




You’re getting things together. You could be feeling quite responsible as you gather together all of your receipts and paperwork to prepare your taxes. You might hire an accountant to look over your company’s books. You might update your passport and then consider putting all your important documents in a fireproof bag to keep them safe.There might be a new puppy or kitten that’s bringing joy and a little chaos to the house. You could have something new in the house that makes it feel different, such as a big area rug or sofa. Something at home has changed.




A financial opportunity is in front of you. A money opportunity could be available to you. It’s a small step outside your comfort zone. Energy like this allows you to skip it if you wish, but if making more money is your goal, this is a real opportunity that you should consider. Aquarius, you might get an invitation to visit siblings who live in a nearby town. Cousins who are traveling through town might come to visit you. There could be some interaction with neighbors as you meet their siblings or other relatives. This is also a time when there could be a neighborhood event, such as a garage sale or block party.




There are many opportunities around you. You might wake up with more energy. You could go to the gym and lift more weight than usual. You might go for a run in the morning. You might be highly productive today and then get home and clean the house. It isn’t every day you feel like this, but today you’re like the Energizer Bunny. Pisces, this new financial opportunity might be related to a business, new job, or the sale of something you’ve been trying to sell for some time. Keep your eyes open for this opportunity.


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