April 20, 2023

By Amanda Scurlock,

Sports Editor


The Los Angeles Legends women’s tackle football team fell short 8-26 against the Utah Falconz in their home opener at Serra High School.  The Legends kept their competitive energy high throughout the matchup.

“Utah didn’t expect us to come as hard as we did, so I was really proud of that,” Legends running back Meagan Curtis said. “Even though we didn’t walk away with the win, I feel like everybody did their best and we stayed together.”

The Falconz scored early with a rush from Utah running back Jane Leroy. When the Legends offense returned to the field, Curtis made a 60-yard touchdown run. Curtis noted how she has a background in Rugby.

“This is my first season ever playing football and it’s always been a dream of mine to play football,” Curtis said. “I originally played rugby at Victoria Park in Carson for a team call the South Bay Spartans … they taught me everything I know about running the ball and contact.”


A successful two-point conversion gave the Legends a one-point lead until midway into the second quarter. Legends quarterback Tina Frisby noted the importance of feeding off the energy of the rookies.

“We have to give them the confidence, them being rookies and stepping into big roles because the turnover rate in women’s football is really bad,” Frisby said.

“We go to give them the faith that they can go out and hang with us so they can do the right thing.”

 Despite Jessica Philips of the Legends’ securing a sack, penalties by Los Angeles helped the Falconz get a first-in-goal. Falconz fullback Hanna Makasini made the scoring run.

“We found a little bit of a dynamic duo at fullback, we have a fast on and then we have a strong one and we seem to utilize them really well,” Makasini said. “Our coaches have found a good rhythm for us to be able to run out during the game and it seems to work really well for us.”

The Falconz secured two interceptions in the third quarter, but they scored a touchdown from one.

Los Angeles kept Utah from scoring during the entire fourth quarter.

“Even though you’re down, we want to win every game,” Frisby said. “Sometimes it don’t go in our favor, but you can never give up because we still got a lot of season left to play to make the playoffs.”

The Legends return to Serra to battle the Oregon Ravens on April 22 at 6:00P.M.

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