August 17, 2023

By Magrira

Contributing Writer


In life, you can decide to be the problem or take whatever resources you have (small or large) and become the solution.

Time and time again, our sister Ava DuVernay has become the solution, offering space for allies across the disciplines to do the same.

Impact, the professional network for the entertainment industry founded by Oscar-winning duo Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, is teaming up with Academy Award nominee Ava DuVernay's personnel database, ARRAY Crew.

ARRAY Crew, established by DuVernay in 2021, serves as a platform to connect below-the-line professionals with a special focus on amplifying women, people of color, and those from underrepresented backgrounds. The platform boasts over 11,000 verified industry professionals, supporting over 900 films, television shows, commercials, and video projects.

On the other hand, Impact, an online professional network for the global film/TV industry, facilitates faster crew hiring, earlier wrap times, and greater inclusivity. With more than 700 available crew members sourced for 58 major productions, including titles like “Mission Impossible,” “The Color Purple,” “Slow Horses,” and “National Treasure,” Impact has proven its effectiveness in streamlining the hiring process.

The joint venture between Impact and ARRAY Crew will merge the extensive network of both platforms, providing a rich talent pool of art directors, production accountants, set designers, makeup artists, and many other professionals in the industry. Department heads will have access to a diverse and vast talent network, enabling them to find suitable and available crew members within 24 hours or less.

Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and Impact CEO Tyler Mitchell expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration, praising DuVernay's leadership in increasing diversity and inclusion behind the camera. The merger of Impact and ARRAY Crew aligns with their shared vision of an inclusive industry where professionals of all kinds can thrive and shine.

In response, DuVernay and ARRAY President Tilane Jones expressed their commitment to serving the heart of the entertainment industry - the crew members. They are thrilled to continue their mission of advancing opportunities for talented individuals in the entertainment community, now with the support of Impact.

With a combined active user base of 40,000 verified industry professionals, the collaboration will provide free access to a network of 1.2 million individuals in the industry. The platform will offer extensive career-building resources, networking opportunities, production tools, and more, supporting the growth and success of professionals in the field.

The partnership marks a significant step towards a more inclusive and efficient hiring process in the entertainment industry. Impact and ARRAY Crew's commitment to empowering underrepresented talent will undoubtedly make a profound impact on the future of storytelling and production.

For those interested in joining the platform, new users can apply for a verified profile at To learn more about DuVernay’s ARRAY an arts and social impact collective dedicated to narrative change visit

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