October 26, 2023



You’re making decisions quickly. You are the fastest of all the signs of the zodiac, but today you might need to rein it in. When it comes to a love relationship, you might have to wait for the other person to respond. Don’t assume that they can move as quickly as you can.You might make a snap decision about money. But before you agree to buy anything, first ask yourself if it’s returnable, and then find out how difficult it would be to return. Finally, ask yourself if you really need it. The energy could give you a sense of urgency where none exists.




You’re making an important decision.There might be a bit of frustration today because everything seems to take longer than usual. There could be stuff in the way, or you might have to wait in a line or for someone to get off the phone. Take a deep breath and recognize that on some days there is no flow.You might be asked to make a snap decision. Someone has designated you as the one in charge, and you’re responsible for making this decision. They could be pressuring you to make it immediately. If you need more time, find a way to ask them to wait.




You can discover a new ability. You might ask someone on a date who isn’t necessarily your “type.” Gemini, you could be branching out, or you might just spontaneously feel like doing something different.You could receive many psychic messages. They might start with dreams, but you could have flashes all day, even about random strangers walking by. It’s a good day to work on honing your psychic abilities. Gemini, you might pull out Tarot cards or work with a pendulum. You could get some interesting answers today.




You’re connecting with your past.As much as you love your family, some days they drive you a little nuts. Today is filled with inconsistencies and erratic behavior by others. The people in your life aren’t doing what they said they were going to do. Your best bet is to just try to go with the flow. It might feel like the world is moving too fast. New technology keeps coming out, and you feel like you’re slipping further and further behind. But if you’re learning a language, you don’t memorize the dictionary. You learn the phrases that are useful to you. With technology, learn the things that are useful to you and the rest will be available online if you need it.




You’re cutting a cord with the past. It’s very easy to be misunderstood today. Be careful about sending quick texts, especially to your supervisor or other authority figure. Check to make sure you’re not sending a group text when you think it’s going to an individual. And be careful about clicking on any suspicious-looking emails. You could get caught up in a phishing expedition.The news that comes out of your company or from your boss kind of rubs you the wrong way. It might be less about the content and more about the delivery. You need patience.




You’re taking a new path to prosperity. You could discover that you have a limiting belief about money that pops up every once in a while to block you from prosperity. You might get angry that some people have money or the world shouldn’t be so unfair. Today, you’re better off considering the abundance in the world rather than being angry about how that abundance is distributed.You might have a dozen moneymaking ideas. Your mind is inventive and creative, but it also sees the process. You could give birth to an idea and a plan. In no time, you could have a full schematic or flowchart to manifest your objective.




You’re receiving support from others. True confidence comes when you recognize that you can handle whatever comes your way. You might feel challenged when something unexpected happens. This could be related to a power dynamic between you and another individual. Recognize that you will come out of this okay, just as you have in the past.You might be dealing with banks or credit card companies. You could be applying for a loan or talking to the SBA about funding your business. It’s a lot of paperwork and time on hold listening to bad music, so it’s going to require some patience.




You’re exploring new realms. While you are naturally very intuitive, today it would be easy to get your wires crossed. A psychic impression you have might not be true, especially if it centers around doom and gloom. This doesn’t mean you’re less psychic. It just means that there is some interference in the channel.

If you put yourself in circumstances where you can meet new people, you might meet a very interesting person. They could be unlike anybody in your friend circle. They might be of a different ethnicity, from a different country, or have an unusual profession. And they could become an ally.




Slow down and let others catch up. You might have a wide range of emotions about a friend. You could go from being excited to see them to extremely irritated to forgiving and understanding all in the space of a few minutes. If this is someone who often takes you through this wild journey, you might want to rethink the friendship.You might need to slow down. As a fire sign, you can move more quickly than most, and some of your coworkers might be struggling to keep up. It’s possible that you are three steps ahead and they’re getting confused. Consider slowing down to let others catch up.




You’re receiving positive notice. You are highly motivated to make your mark. You might decide to post extra content or start a channel. You could put your name in the running for a reality TV show or do some stand-up comedy in front of a live audience. Getting out of your comfort zone and betting on yourself is a good idea.The unexpected could happen today. You might be very attracted to someone who isn’t necessarily your “type.” You might not even be looking for love, yet you could bump right into it. Look up from your phone and don’t rush or you might not see the sparkling eyes and smile in front of you.




You’re tapping into your spiritual side.You might be cramming for a test or trying to finish a project that’s due next week. And this is when you find that you’re out of printer ink, your Internet is down, or you have other obstacles in your path. Take a breath. Maybe take a walk. You’ll find that in an hour or so the things you need to do can get done.Home life could be rather chaotic today. It’s possible there are some guests in the house, or you’re watching your sister’s puppies and they’re all over the place. There might be some construction going on in the house, and you’re having to wash the dishes in the bathtub. Today, you’ll need some patience.




You’re getting some great ideas. You might be reviewing your investments and having some mixed reactions. It’s possible there’s been a lot of volatility in the market or just in your holdings, but this isn’t a time to make rash decisions. Remember that you’re in it for the long haul, and everything could change when the market opens tomorrow.You might be waiting for some paperwork, and when you get it you find it isn’t what you were expecting. They’ve sent the wrong form or it isn’t filled out properly or it’s returned unapproved. Expect to have to redo something or look for a workaround.

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