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From Bump to Baby: Navigating Extreme Heat as an Expecting Mother and Beyond Written by Ashley Williams
Suicide Prevention and Understanding Red Flags are Key to Preventing Family Tragedies Written by Special to LAWT
From Awkward Pauses to Open Dad and Daughter Dialogues Written by Brittinae Phillips
Inquire Before Sending the Wire: Tips to protect yourself from imposter scams! Written by LAWT News Service
Addressing Social Needs is a Crucial Component of Health Care Written by LAWT News Service
Five Back-to-School Tips for Extreme Heat Written by LAWT News Service
Why I Am Fighting for Greater Visibility for Diabetic Men and Women; Diabetes is often invisible to everyone except thoseliving with it, and for too long, minorities have gone without better access to better health care technology. Written by Patti LaBelle
Safeguarding Charitable Medicines Programs in America Written by Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr.
Time to Act on Crime, Violence and Police Reform in America Written by Andrew M. Cuomo and Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr.
Making Rx Rebates Make Sense in California Written by Rhonda Smith
Why We Need Diverse Books in Schools Written by Maya Pottiger
The Moore Report; Securing the Place of the Negro Leagues in Baseball History — One Voice, One Mission Written by Ralph E. Moore Jr.
$2 Trillion for America’s Energy Transition Must Deliver Energy Equity Written by Gene Hale
Obesity Crisis is not a Hopeless Fight for Black America Written by Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.
The “Find Out” Generation: A New Generation for A New America Written by Steve Dunwoody
Why Are We Leaving Black Women’s Health Behind? Written by Dr. Donna Christensen, Debra Fraser-Howze, Shavon Arline-Bradley
Anointed Feet Going to Keep on Dancing Written by Wendy Gladney
Remembering 1992, 31 Years Later Written by Steve Dunwoody
Black Females Still Feel the Brunt of America’s Mass Incarceration Written by Stacy M. Brown
We Can’t Breathe: Don’t Bow Down to Fossil Fuels Written by Pastor Eddie Anderson
The Rise of the L.A. Motel Operator Slumlord Written by Jasmyne Cannick
Mark Ridley-Thomas: A Familiar Cautionary Tale for Black Politicians Written by Jasmyne Cannick
Mark Ridley-Thomas and Political Prosecution: The Predatory Practice of Racialized Law Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga
OP-ED: Addressing the Issues around Public Safety and Policing Written by Congressman James E. Clyburn
CPUC Helps Drive $750M in Diverse Spend by Water Utilities Written by Holley Joy
Salute to Black Women Written by Wendy Gladney
Is Your Money Safe in the Bank? After the collapse of two banks, people are asking, are banks safe or is my money safer under my mattress? Written by Danny J. Bakewell, Jr.
Reflections on Black Excellence and the NFL’s Role in Driving Generational Impact Written by Troy Vincent
There is No Shade From This Pepper Tree Written by Wendy Gladney
A Dose of Hope for the Future of Healthcare Written by Dr. Elaine Batchlor