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Our Stories Must Be Included in History Written by Wendy Gladney
Local Infrastructure Projects Need Statewide Support Written by Assemblymember Tina McKinnor
Getting Our Youth Off the Streets Written by LAWT News Service
Rick Caruso’s Record of Anti-Black Behavior Written by Bernard Parks
Prop 26 Will Keep Promise to Marginalized Communities While Prop 27 Enriches Out-Of-State Gambling Corporations Written by Rick L. Callender
Yes on ULA – This is What Community Looks Like Written by Marsha Mitchell
Why You Get Canceled for Being Antisemitic and Not for Anti-Blackness Written by Jasmyne Cannick
Jeffrey Dahmer was White and Gay — Deal With It Written by Jasmyne Cannick
Op-Ed: Mothers are Amazing Wonder Women Written by Cora Jackson-Fossett
Why I Cheered When Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock Written by Melina Abdullah
Celebrating The Black Woman 24-7-365 Written by Danny Bakewell Jr.
When the Mentor Becomes the Mentee Written by Wendy Gladney
LAWT EDITORIAL; It’s Not About MRT (or is it?), It’s Not About Herb, It Should Be About the People of the 10th District Written by The Editorial Board of the Los Angeles Sentinel.
OP-ED: A Legacy Worth Leaving Written by Avery Ross
Don’t Look Far. Honor the Black History Around You Written by Chief John Keene
Ensuring Black Student Excellence: LAUSD Must Recruit, Prepare and Retain Black Educators Written by Michael Lawson and Laura McGowan-Robinson
LA Mayoral Candidate Rep. Karen Bass Calls for Increase in LAPD Patrol Levels Written by City News Service
Parent Revolution Brings Focus to the Quality of Education in Underrepresented Communities Written by Betti Halsell
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Family Calls For “No Celebration” On Holiday Written by Cleveland Bryant, Jr.
GUEST COMMENTARY; What California can do to improve children’s mental health; Under California’s system for supporting children’s mental health, the state needs to first tackle the system’s deficiencies. Written by Pedro Nava, Sean Varner and David Beier
Op-Ed; Investing in Our Minds, Bodies, Spirits and Community in the New Year Written by Melina Abdullah
Enough is Enough. Written by LA Sentinel Editorial Board
Op-Ed; Welcome Back, NLRB – America’s Workers Missed You! Written by Ray Curry
Op-Ed; Listen to Your Heart: Raising Awareness of a Serious Heart Condition in the African American and Black Community Written by Richard Allen Williams, MD
OPINION; It is Time for a Cannabis Intervention Written by Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson and Councilmember Curren Price
Prop 22 is a benefit to our community Written by LAWT News Service
Tips for Staying Safe (Emotionally) as Pandemic Drags On Written by Dr. Lenore Tate
Who Gets Flexibility? Written by Julianne Malveaux
Op-Ed; What Really Drove COVID in South L.A. Written by Dr. Elaine Batchlor
Op-Ed; Get The Shot, Then Get Covered Written by Congressmember Karen Bass